Corporate Relocation: When life for the transferee is no longer "business as usual"


When our clients are given the right tools and opportunity, amazing things are bound to happen.

We looked at all the aspects of a corporate relocation -- and we noticed something missing which was delaying the vital acclimation process.

We reviewed the logistical side of corporate relocation.  The relocation was being completed on time and on budget: Temporary housing - check; Moving Vans - check; House Hunting Trips - check; Efficient Expense Reimbursements - check; and so on - check, check, and check.  

But what we saw was that a vital part of the relocation was not being addressed:  The part about how the transferee and their family were supposed to "live" in the new community.  

Overworked staff would either recommend general community information web sites to review, or ask the real estate company for 'special favors', or worse yet, ignore the issue and leave it to the transferee and family to figure things out on their own. This was often met with unfavorable results, heightened frustration, or really bad information - exactly at a time when good information was crucially needed.

DATAGROUP provides the missing link - Quickly, Efficiently, and Professionally.   

Our focus and our specialty is providing the information and professional support that the transferee and family need to have to get on with their lives. Our programs have been proven to support a smoother and more successful acclimation period.  We deliver the information quickly and professionally.  And most important, we deliver it with respect and personal support during this emotional and exciting time of transition.


Our promise to you:

It is our mission to support our clients' goals of retaining and recruiting the best employees by providing the highest level of relocation support to each transferee and their family.

We provide our clients with the highest level of relocation support while focusing on providing a consistent high quality of service.   Our clients know that we are always available to them and look forward to working together as a team to support their relocation program goals.

DATAGROUP began and continues to this day to operate as a small boutique-style business focused on providing concierge services and moderately priced relocation assistance programs to our clients from Fortune 500 to the Fastest Growing Companies throughout the United States.

We make it a point to know and support our clients

DATAGROUP opened its doors for business with a simple theory:

Employees and their families who are offered relocations are smart people.

We figured that if the employee was willing to accept the invitation to move and the company was willing to bet that if they gave their transferees the right tools and opportunities in the new location, great things have a chance of happening.