Relocation Assistance Program

If you want to -- or need to -- move to a new town and you want to -- or need to -- find a new job, then we can help!

In case you didn't already know, let us tell you, "Moving to a brand new town and looking for a new job is in no way like looking for a job in a town you've lived in for years!"  We highly recommend you do not do this alone (and for those job seekers who started their job search on their own in a strange new town, you know what we're talking about). We are here to help you.


Our Relocation Assistance Program includes our Resume Assistance services, employment research on the new community along with information on actual job openings you can apply to and we make sure you know that you also have continued access to our Relocation coaches throughout your program.


It's hard enough moving to a strange new town.  Let us help you make your move a little bit easier.

Contact DATAGROUP for payment options:


phone: (330) 761-3458


Relocation Assistance Program Fee: $875.00


    Attention Corporate Human Resources and Staffing   Representatives: 


    Please contact DATAGROUP for payment and program options


    phone:  (330) 761-3458