Programs that Support the Corporate Transferee

No matter where your transferee's destination community is, DATAGROUP has a long history of providing consistent and professional service delivery throughout the country - always on time and always with personal care and attention.

  Pre-Relocation Assistance

FIRST LOOK: Presenting the People, Places, and Potential of the Destination Community

Spouse Employment Assistance Programs:  

FIRST IMPRESSIONS: Delivering Actionable Employment Assistance for the Relocating Job Seeker

Facing the prospect of losing part of the family's income due to the relocation is daunting.  Add to that the unique stresses of a corporate relocation to the partner/spouse and professional assistance becomes essential.  

DATAGROUP is ready to provide support to the relocating job seeker.  Our employment assistance programs support the relocating job seeker as they begin their job search in a brand new community.  With DATAGROUP's support and guidance, we offer all the resources needed for the job seeker to begin their job search campaign.  We offer resume assistance, job search coaching and individualized research into job opportunities in the destination community that meet the specific needs of our clients' occupational interest.

  FAMILY FIRST: Confidential Community Resources and References for the Relocating Family

FIRST ADVANTAGE: Comprehensive Employment Solutions and

Support for the Relocating Job Seeker (Enhanced Program Services and Support)


Supporting the Expat family with actionable information along with direction to community resources, we are able to help the expat family establish their identity as well as respect their goals of independence as they set up their home and lifestyle in the United States.


When your company wants to make sure that no question by the transferee or family go unanswered, the PREMIERE PACK is the answer to providing the support they deserve from start to finish.  Each client/family will receive the FIRST LOOK program, the FIRST ADVANTAGE program and the Happy New Home Welcome Basket filled with new home 'essentials' to make the welcome of your transferee to their new home feel even more welcome!

FAMILY FIRST provides support for the family that has a lot of demands on their time and a lot of questions about the destination community.  Our researchers will provide information on issues ranging from child care to elder care and everything in-between.  Our focus is to support the family as they settle in to the community and provide them with the specific resources to meet their unique family needs.

Pretty area brochures may be enough to plan a vacation, but it's not enough when deciding to accept a relocation. The FIRST LOOK program provides destination community information to the employee/recruit who has been offered a relocation and must now make a decision.  

The information in FIRST LOOK is delivered quickly in an easy-to-read format, but we also go to the next step to provide additional relocation articles and worksheets to help support an informed relocation decision.  By offering FIRST LOOK, the transferee is not having to rely on trying to figure out how and where to research a new community or possibly relying on unfounded opinions of others and incorrect assumptions.  

International Family Support and Assistance: 

FAMILY FIRST: Community Resources and References for the EXPAT Family Moving to the USA