About Us

We provide our programs and services directly to you with complete confidentiality via telephone appointments and email/internet.  That way, we can work around your schedule.  You get 100% of our attention and our guarantee that your program is created specifically for you and delivered just to you.


We stand apart from others by providing our unique brand of coaching along with our vitally important belief in accountability.  We also share with you our job search resource library that aids you in making your dreams a reality.


We do what others don't want to do.  We help you move your dreams and ideas out from the constant churning and spinning inside your head and bring them into actionable steps that can be taken...Now.

At DATAGROUP, we have built our reputation on supporting our client's job search goals.  We tell you what needs to be accomplished to make your program successful, what will take place, and even work on a timeline with you so that you know what is expected and what will be happening every step of the way.  There is enough uncertainty during a job search.  We don't need to add to it!


We work hard for your business.  DATAGROUP was created to be a small boutique firm with a focus of supporting you, the job seeker and providing you with the highest return value.  You can expect to get exceptional personal and confidential services and attention at rates that are less than most private counselors and outplacement firms.  We understand and are deeply aware of the fact that during a job search you sometimes have to pay now to get the knowledge you need so that you can get the future you want.


We help people who want to find new jobs.  It's that simple.