DATAGROUP is a nationally recognized relocation and employment assistance company which consistently provides quality services with personal attention to our clients.

We work with companies who understand and care.

Yes, have worked with Fortune 500 companies who strive to retain the best and the brightest.  We also work with emerging companies where work at 'lightning speed' is what is done on a slow day.  The common link in our partnership is the mutual understanding that a relocation is a life-changing event for the transferee and their family.

We offer a variety of relocation programs to meet the needs of the transferee and their family while supporting your organization's goals of recruiting and retaining the best employees.

Our Corporate Relocation Assistance Programs


  • FIRST ADVANTAGE: Comprehensive Employment Solutions and Support for the Relocating Job Seeker
  • FIRST IMPRESSIONS: Delivering Actionable employment Assistance for the Relocating Job Seeker
  • FIRST LOOK (Pre-Relocation): Presenting the People, Places, and Potential of the Destination Community
  • FAMILY FIRST: Confidential Community Resources and References for the Relocating Family
  • FAMILY FIRST: An Expatriate Program: The FIRST LOOK program + FAMILY FIRST program
  • THE PREMIERE PACK: The FIRST ADVANTAGE program + the FIRST LOOK program + the "Happy New Home" Welcome Basket

Most relocation services offer the same thing.  We differ from 'most' in that we actually take the time to get to know our clients.  We know what we have to do to get the job done, and be assured, we do it - but we also know we are working with individuals dealing with a stressful time in their live where it is no longer 'business as usual' and we never forget that.  We complete our projects, meet our objectives, and provide quality service - on time and on budget. And we make it a priority to make sure that it is the person we are serving that is the most important part of our equation.  Please contact DATAGROUP for additional program and fee information.

  • DATAGROUP was the sole vendor to provide spouse employment assistance for a high-tech company's relocation and recruitment campaign to expand operations to Denver.  Result: 4,000 employees relocated/recruited to site within 3 years.
  • DATAGROUP was the sole vendor providing employment assistance during a corporate client's plant closing which resulted in employee transfer to the remaining company locations throughout the United States.
  • DATAGROUP continues to work with multiple Relocation Service Providers (TPA's) as the sole provider of our programs to their "VIP" corporate clients.  We provide the highest quality of service in many discreet and highly confidential relocations.
  • DATAGROUP provides confidential support to our client's HR departments by supplying analyses and community resources on proposed recruiting and expansion opportunities.
We hate 'red tape'
We have a history of success.