Job Search Bootcamp

Four Intense Sessions. Individual Support.  Valuable Resources. Accountability.  

And our guidance to get you from here to there.


We work with you and provide you with the resources to move your job search from something you are just thinking about to a strategy you can actually do something about.

  • Will the job of your dreams be there in the future?  
  • We'll show you what's behind the curtain when you fill out those online applications.  
  • We'll coach you on how to use your LinkedIn profile as part of your job search strategy.
  • There's more to a job search than just looking at Indeed. com. We'll provide you with options and resources other job seekers do not use but you should.
  • Resume Review.  We'll make sure it meets today's application guidelines.
  • Networking Resources. We will uncover the networking resources you already have and should use in your job search.
  • The Action Plan.  Having an action plan to put all of the tools you've learned about is essential.  Your job search coach will guide you in preparing an action plan to keep you going in the right direction.


    Attention Corporate Human Resources and Staffing Representatives:


    Please contact DATAGROUP for payment and program options.


    phone:  (330) 761-3458


Session Topics Include:


Contact DATAGROUP for payment options:


phone:  (330) 761-3458


Job Search Bootcamp Program Fee: $350.00